How to Install Engine Maker for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Date: 20th September 2010
First, download FS Engine Maker Click to download FS Engine Maker then unZIP it to a folder, not forgetting to remember where you saved the resultant file.

The next stage is to find a host program to run the sound engine DLL in. The excellent VSTHost has been found to run perfectly so is illustrated below in the screenshots. Download and install your chosen host then run it. VSTHost looks as below.

Then you need to link in the FS Engine Maker DLL. In VSTHost, select the File menu and then select New Plugin... which will open up a File Search box where you select the folder to which you installed the FS Engine Maker DLL into.

The result should then be as follows;

The next step is to set up the audio settings depending on which sound card configuration you have on your computer. From the Devices menu, select Wave device and select the correct Output Port and sample rates. There is no input audio to FS Engine Maker so you could set the Audio Input setting to the same card as you are using anyway.

Select Run from the Engine Menu as shown below and you should hear a continual engine sound.

VSTHost has a built in sound recording feature with filename save which is all important to saving those sounds! Just select the red recording button (as marked below) and when you click on the black Stop button, a file naming box appears which allows you to name your work which you want to save. Further editing could be done to the WAV file in a sound editor such as the excellent and free Audacity.

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