Issue 1 Date: 27th April 2008
Extensive Building Programme.

The second phase of building work will start this week and will involve heavy activity to the Easterly side of the airfield.     Shrub and tree planting along the old hedegrow borders (marked as dark blue lines around point 'C' ) will be much in evidence throughout this phase.     Note the parallel lines just below 'C' which are a remnant of the old railway system.

Building programme chart:

The old Landing Approach system seen just below 'B' will be removed and an updated system will replace it.     Chain link fencing capped with rolled barbed wire is to be placed along the Eastern side of the airfield just to the left of 'B' and just to the left of the road section in red.     Point 'A' is the viewpoint where a camera is situated and which can be seen in the chart above.

Work crew and bare environment:

Some of the work crew can be seen ready to start work at the end of runway 26 and are awaiting supplies of concrete pillars, chain-link fencing, barbed wire and wooden slatted fencing.     Other crews involved with environmental matters will be responsible for laying hedgerows and planting trees.
The old Landing Approach system can be seen much in evidence (just below Point 'B' in chart) and stands out amidst the bare tree and shrubless background but much of the roadside hedging has been put in place.

Work Progress on South Side

The extensive programme of work on the southern side of the field has all but been completed.     The new ILS tower and shed will be installed this week and much of the runway assistance hardware should be fitted by the end of this week.

View facing south of field:

The control tower (type 5223a/51) can be seen centre of picture with the fire station next to the tower and just to the right.     The Type 'L' Hangar to the far right of the above picture has just had a new set of doors installed and are ready for a coat of paint.     Further to this a new boiler house feeding the hangar will be built just to the left of the doors.

A full treeline planting schedule has been undertaken over the past months with the left hand section hiding the civilian industrial complex.    A further grass bed seeding to aid soil integrity will be arranged for the following weeks before air tests can be resumed.