Issue 2 Date: 18th May 2008
Hangar Programme Well Under Way.

Hangar refurbishement programme:

The refurbished C type hangars have now been completed and a new two-storey annex block has been added to expand the personnel capabilities     From the outset, the design references have been adhered to using the Defence Estates drawings    

Building programme References:
Ref: DE/H1/100/120

Based on the 1934 Gable-ended type, they are of a truss-supported 12 bay type, many of which are still in use to this day.     Thanks to their robust design they make ideal structures for the repair of many aircraft types and also are use as storage sheds with the main end doors either removed and roll-shutter type doors added to the welded doors.
Shuttered Dooring modifications:
Ref: DE/Design and Maintenance Guide 24

Annex Blocks.

A vast variety of sheds and facilities have been added hangars of various types, to augment the capabilities of the neighbouring facility and are usually of single-storey design but using the newer prefabricated stacking designs of personnel units awarded us greater possibilities.

Wireframe depiction:

Three 'C' Type hangars will be completed in the next weeks with each one being assigned to specific duties although each one will retain the three-pair sliding doors for the time being.   Aircraft maintenance and repair will commence as soon as the first aircraft are laid up but the teams are busy with the continual upkeep of field equipment and vehicles which reside on the airfield.