Issue 4 Date: 23rd August 2008
Making Aircraft Noisy.

Synthedit 'Planes' Sound Effects Unit.

The aircraft are given a breath of life using the purpose-built 'Planes' sound effects unit.    This specially made unit is a continually expanding project containing a variety of effects which changes the way the sound is produced by an aircraft at a range of distances.

Basic Engine Unit.

Starting with a dual output sound basic engine sound building block (see above) as part of one of four such units, this allows expansion to a four-engined aircraft. The pitch ranges of either part of each unit are switchable to allow for low pitched propeller driven aircraft or high pitched for jet propelled aircraft. With one unit being switched high, it is then possible to set up a turbo-prop sounding engine.

Timed Events Section.
(Engine Pitch shown here.)

There are four sets of 16-stage events units, these being 'Engine Throttle Control', 'Engine Volume Control', 'Noise Pitch Control' and 'Noise Volume Control' and a reduced function 16-stage unit entitled 'Aural Positioning Control' which varies the stereo effect of the sound source over time to simulate and aircraft moving from one stereo channel to the other.

Each stage has the facility to adjust speed of change, duration of stage timing held and amount of pitch or volume change to that stage.

Distance Positioning Effects.
Many of the effects include Doppler/Doppler Inverted, high harmonic drop-off over distance, echo-clean sound source mix over distance, various amounts of air circulation buffeting with distance and also engine detuning.